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Possible Availability of Companies House Registered Name Machinery Vibration Consultants Limited

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Contact Mr D Raine BSc (Hons), Managing Director and Principal Consulting Engineer, at


Company Focus

Machinery Vibration Consultants Limited is an independent company offering a wide range of engineering and consultancy services with the aim of reducing plant maintenance costs, operation support costs, and downtime process costs through the application of technology in a safe and cost-effective way.

Vibration Experts
Maintenance Optimisation Using Condition Monitoring

In today’s competitive environment, cost-effective operations are now more than ever essential. However, experience has shown that indiscriminate cost cutting is not the way forward because the risks are too high –

Maintenance ‘on-condition’ removes the risks from cost reduction.

MVC’s Maintenance Management Service

In addition to determining the optimum timing for maintenance overhauls based on measurable condition, MVC can offer maintenance resource and facilities to undertake full machinery overhauls and repairs in association with GE Energy. This includes drivers and non-GE machinery –

Engineering Consultancy Services

If you have vibration problems with rotating machinery, static equipment, piping or structures and you require analysis, diagnosis, conclusions and recommendations for rectification, Machinery Vibration Consultants Limited can provide the service that you require.


Imbalance and misalignment are arguably the two most common problems that face the machinery engineer. Due to the associated problems that they cause such as damaged couplings, damaged bearings, damaged seals etc., these two common problems significantly contribute to and are ultimately responsible for high maintenance costs, high operation support costs and high downtime process costs. Machinery Vibration Consultants Limited can eliminate these problems.

Our services include but are not limited to the following activities:

Condition Monitoring of Rotating Machinery
Machine Fault Diagnosis
Failure Analysis / Stress Analysis / Redesign
Envelope Analysis
Phase Current Analysis
Torsional Vibration
Pulsation Induced Vibration
Dynamic Testing
Modal Analysis
Finite Element (FE) Analysis
Fatigue Life Assessment
Vortex Shedding
Machine Train Alignment
Vibration Acceptance Criteria
Human Exposure to Vibration
Alarm and Trip Levels
Machinery Acceptance Testing
Machinery Overhauls
Maintenance Activities
Maintenance Management Services Maintenance Management Services
Preventing Thrust Failures
Installation / Commissioning
Lubricating Oil Analysis
Anti-Collision Monitoring
Pile Integrity Evaluation
Training Courses:


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